A collection of bedroom furniture to complement the furniture available in the Colour Fusions and Painted Fusion collections. Made to the same exacting standards as Crown Imperial kitchen furniture, it offers the same wide selection of styles and colours to suit every taste.

Other rooms

The flexible range of furnture offers many more solutions than kitchens and bedrooms. Clever furniture design means the same principles can be taken through to many other rooms such as home offices, living rooms, playrooms.

The Crown difference

Crown Imperial furniture can be used in virtually every room of the house. Fusing Bedroom furniture with shelving, desks and storage to meet the versatile expectations of modern life – you will soon appreciate the flexibility of our furnture and see how you could use it throughout your home. From bedrooms and beyond we cater for the needs of the entire family.


  • Master Bedrooms
  • Children’s Bedrooms
  • Living Space
  • Study Space
  • Children’s Space
  • Dining room
  • Work Space


See everything under one roof, CROWN IN DAVENTRY is a unique experience and one not to be missed. See the whole range of furniture installed into over 50 full-sized furniture displays, there really is something for everyone! Featuring all the latest technology from the leading appliance and worktop manufacturers. Furniture and appliances displayed in perfect harmony.

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