Create a wow factor by choosing a drawer box that will co-ordinate best with the look of your kitchen, frosted glass sides are a contemporary feature on the deep Intivo options. For the ultimate in luxury opt for the Legrabox where full height clear glass sides on deep drawers give maximum visibility in all widths of Space Towerâ„¢. For the classic look Cotswood comes as standard with the timeless dovetailed Oak drawer box that is also available as an upgrade across the remainder of the range.



Available as standard on all Crown Imperial kitchens. Choose from Polar Silver, Silk White or Orion Grey. Click image to see colours.

Internal Drawers

A drawer inside a drawer! Optimise your storage space with internal drawers. Great for the minimalist look, maintain the sleek lines of your kitchen with fewer drawer fronts.


Available for Aspen, Midsomer, Ashton and Cotswood.

Oak Inserts

A range of wooden inserts are available to keep all your cutlery neat and tidy.

Cutlery Trays

For Legrabox drawers.

Shallow Dividers

Magnetic dividers for Legrabox drawers.

Deep Dividers

Magnetic dividers for Legrabox drawers.

Sink drawers

Maximise storage under sink.