Colour has a huge impact on the way we live. With Crown Imperial kitchen, bedroom and lifespace furniture you can add a touch of colour throughout your home. Whether it is neutral shades, vibrant tones or subtle hues, there is something for everyone. Available in a range of matt, gloss and painted finishes, you can mix and match the colour palette to create something truly unique.



A collection of vibrant colours, subtle shades, woodgrain effect, textures, matt and gloss, the Colour Fusions range has it all. There really is something to suit every taste. 

The Colour Fusions range has been cleverly designed to allow you to mix colour and finishes together to create something totally unique. Over 70 colours choices in total!

To help you pick your perfect combination we have created our Colour Fusions Explorer. You can change different elements within the kitchen to come up with your unique fusion, you can even download it and share it with others!

The Colour Fusions collection includes: UNO, TEXTURA, FURORE and ZELUSO across Kitchen, Bedroom and LifeSpace Furniture. Bedrooms includes LOCANO.



A collection of subtle shades or complementary bold paint finishes. This range has been created to offer a wide choice of colours and shades allowing you to select the perfect tones for your kitchen decor.

Mix together any of the colours in the Painted Fusions collection to create a unique Kitchen. Also available with a primed finish for you to take away and decorate with your chosen colour.

The Painted Fusions collection includes: ASPEN, ASHTON, MIDSOMER,  COTSWOOD and RIMANO, SHENAYA in Kitchens. Also MIDSOMER, RIMANO and SHENAYA Bedroom and LifeSpace Furniture, and RIMANO in Bedrooms.